Hello Students!

Welcome to the course blog for CORC 3205, Jewish Diaspora. Here you’ll find the syllabus, assignments, and required readings, as well as announcements about the course and occasional links to further readings.

Please let me know if any part of the site is nonfunctional or confusing!


11 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Panagiotis Loukas says:

    Dear Professor, thank you very much for creating this blog for the course. I can read the syllabus but I cannot access any other text. I will keep trying since I don’t know if this is a technical problem or I do something wrong. Best regards, Panagiotis Loukas


  2. mendelsero says:

    What is Feb 1 Safran? Is that a chapter from a book? Are there any other readings for Feb 1st?


  3. Panagiotis Loukas says:

    Dear Professor and everybody else,
    for the moment I can access only one reading, the last on the list, from May 4. Is it only my problem?
    Best regards,
    Panagiotis Loukas


  4. sarahwpolsce says:

    Hmm. I’ll look into this! I hope to have this all working next week.

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  5. Hi Professor Zarrow,

    Is there a possibility of bringing my kindle in for these readings because there is a lot to print and it would be convenient to pull it out and have it right in my kindle. Thank you,

    Kristina Pod.


  6. Melissa Guerrero says:

    Professor Zarrow,
    Thanks for the link to the song you sent to us in the email. I started wondering how that song relates to our class and it was interesting to find out how the Rastafarians use the word Babylon to refer to anything that makes them feel oppressed. Thanks.


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