Bukharan Emigration Rates, Then and Now–Candi

Before the 1990’s Russia had control over many countries in the Euro-Asia territories, some being Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. In those countries there are many people who practice a religion different than that of the Russia which is Judaism. The Russian government forcibly made the people of those countries to stop practicing their religions and to assimilate into Atheism. The Jewish people who came from these countries are called Bukharan Jews, and many of them had immigrated to the United States before and after what was known as the Soviet Union was dissolved. In 1987 there was an estimation of around 5,000 Bukharan Jews in Queens. N.Y., but some people say that there was probably more than the estimated amount in Queens1. Now because their countries were no longer part of Russia many of the Bukharan Jews took to leaving their countries to come to another place. Around the 1990’s there were  22,000-35,000 Bukharan Jews in Queens and another several thousand in Brooklyn meaning the amount of immigrants had more than quadrupled in size by only a few years1. Now in the recent years the amount of immigrants coming into the United States and queens has gone to a slower pace, having 56,000 Bukharan Jews in the U.S. and out of that 12,000 are in Brooklyn2. According to an article from the New York Times, the United States gives out around 55,000 green passes a year to people from a lottery system. Of those 55,000 around 4,368 were given to Bukharan Jews during the 2014-15 year2. Many of the people who came here believed that they would go home one day and return to the homeland, unfortunately not many did. There are some people who actually decided that they would much rather stay and live here in the United States. “The man who has a green card, it is a green light to a good life.” -from a man named Abdurasul Hasinovich Juraboev2. There are many more opportunities here for people to have much better lives and for better opportunities for more jobs. That is also another reason why immigration rates will only increase drastically in the next few years to come, many people will come seeking jobs and a way to make more money and also for hopes of a better life.

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2. Robbins, Liz. “Accusations of Terrorism Worry Brooklyn’s Uzbek Community.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 2015. Web. 04 Mar. 2016. <http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/11/nyregion/accusations-of-terrorism-worry-brooklyns-uzbek-community.html&gt;.

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